Assessing Afforestation Efforts with Drone Technology: A Kesowa Case Study

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6/26/20242 min read

aerial photography of forest
aerial photography of forest

At Kesowa, we specialize in utilizing advanced drone technology to deliver precise and comprehensive data mapping solutions. Our innovative methods have proven invaluable in various fields, including environmental monitoring and management. In this blog post, we highlight a significant project where we assisted the Forest Department, Government of West Bengal, in verifying the status of an afforestation programme in Baghsol. This project involved a detailed drone-based survey and tree count over 25 hectares, demonstrating the power of drone technology in environmental conservation efforts.

Understanding the Challenge

The Forest Department of West Bengal faced a critical need to verify the status of their afforestation programme. This included assessing the number of trees, measuring tree height, and conducting a volumetric assessment of the area for biomass calculation. Traditional methods of verification were time-consuming and often lacked the precision required for accurate analysis. The department required a solution that could provide independent and conclusive evidence of the current condition and status of the afforestation areas.

Kesowa's Advanced Solution

Kesowa addressed this challenge by deploying our cutting-edge drone technology to conduct a comprehensive survey of the 25-hectare afforestation plot. Our drones captured high-resolution images and data, enabling us to perform an accurate tree count and assess the overall health and growth of the trees. The survey included:

  • Tree Count: Identifying and counting each tree within the plot to verify the success of the afforestation efforts.

  • Tree Height Measurement: Using drone data to measure the height of the trees, providing insights into their growth and development.

  • Volumetric Assessment: Analyzing the captured data to calculate the biomass of the area, which is crucial for understanding the environmental impact and benefits of the afforestation programme.

The drone-based survey provided a precise and time-stamped record of the current condition of the afforestation area, ensuring that the data collected could be used for future analysis and strategic planning.

Delivering Transformative Results

The Forest Department of West Bengal greatly benefited from Kesowa's drone-based survey. The comprehensive data and insights obtained allowed the department to:

· Verify the number of trees and their health, ensuring the afforestation programme met its objectives.

· Gain accurate measurements of tree height, aiding in the assessment of tree growth and development.

· Conduct a detailed volumetric assessment of the biomass, providing essential information for environmental impact analysis.

With this accurate and reliable data, the Forest Department could make informed decisions regarding the management and future planning of their afforestation efforts. The ability to independently verify the status of the programme ensured transparency and accountability, enhancing the overall success of the environmental initiative.

As we continue to innovate and expand our services, we remain dedicated to supporting our clients in achieving their goals with efficiency and accuracy, contributing to sustainable environmental management and conservation efforts.

About out Client

The Forest Department of West Bengal manages and protects the state's forests and wildlife. They work to conserve natural resources and promote environmental awareness.

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