Enhancing Power Network Monitoring with Kesowa's Thermal Camera Drone Survey

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6/26/20242 min read

brown electric post under blue sky during daytime
brown electric post under blue sky during daytime

Effective monitoring of power networks is crucial for ensuring uninterrupted electricity supply and maintaining infrastructure integrity. Traditional methods of condition monitoring often require shutting down power, leading to downtime and potential service disruptions. Kesowa, a pioneer in drone data mapping, collaborated with CESC Ltd (Erstwhile Calcutta Electric Supply Corporation Ltd) to address these challenges. Utilizing thermal camera-equipped drones, Kesowa revolutionized the monitoring process for the 33KV MV network across various locations in Kolkata, West Bengal.

Project Overview

CESC Ltd faced significant challenges in monitoring their 33KV MV network using handheld thermal cameras. This method necessitated switching off the power, causing considerable downtime and inconvenience to consumers. Kesowa proposed a more efficient solution by deploying drones equipped with thermal cameras to survey the overhead network without interrupting the power supply.


Kesowa's drones, equipped with advanced thermal imaging technology, flew over the designated power lines, capturing high-resolution thermal images. This aerial perspective allowed for comprehensive monitoring of the network's condition from a safe distance. The thermal images highlighted potential hot spots and anomalies in the network, enabling the identification of issues such as overheating or wear and tear in the components.

Data Analysis

The data collected from the drone surveys were analyzed to pinpoint areas of concern. By overlaying the thermal images on GIS maps, Kesowa provided CESC Ltd with a clear visual representation of the network's health. This method not only saved time but also offered a higher level of accuracy compared to traditional techniques. The real-time data allowed for proactive maintenance, reducing the likelihood of unexpected failures and ensuring a more reliable power supply.

Beneficiaries and Impact

The implementation of Kesowa's thermal camera drone surveys significantly benefited CESC Ltd by minimizing downtime and improving the efficiency of their condition monitoring processes. The accurate, real-time data provided by the drones enabled the management and ground teams to take timely corrective actions, ensuring the reliability and safety of the power network. Additionally, the residents and businesses in Kolkata enjoyed uninterrupted power supply, enhancing their overall quality of life.

About our Client

CESC (Calcutta Electric Supply Corporation) is a company that provides electricity to the city of Kolkata, India. They make sure homes and businesses get power for their lights and appliances.

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