Enhancing Race Course Management with Drone Technology: A Kesowa Case Study

Shwejal & Vidushi, Kesowa Summer Research Interns 2024

6/26/20242 min read

houses near green trees under white clouds during daytime
houses near green trees under white clouds during daytime

At Kesowa, we are dedicated to harnessing the power of drone technology to provide precise and comprehensive data mapping solutions. Our innovative approach has significantly improved various sectors, including property management and infrastructure development. In this blog post, we explore a specific use case involving a drone-based survey conducted for the District Collector of Ooty, Tamil Nadu, to identify the slope of a race course situated in hilly terrain.

Understanding the Challenge

The race course in Ooty faced a unique challenge due to its hilly terrain. During heavy rains, certain areas experienced significant water accumulation, impacting the usability and safety of the course. Accurately understanding the slope of the surrounding area was crucial to developing effective drainage and water management strategies. Traditional methods were insufficient for capturing the detailed topographical data required, necessitating a more advanced approach.

Kesowa's Advanced Solution

Kesowa provided a cutting-edge solution using drone-based Digital Elevation Model (DEM), Digital Terrain Model (DTM), and Orthographic Mapping techniques. Our drones performed an extensive survey of the race course and its surrounding areas, capturing high-resolution images and data. This comprehensive survey enabled the visualization and detailed analysis of the slope.

The use of DEM and DTM allowed us to create precise 3D models of the terrain, highlighting elevation changes and potential water flow patterns. Orthographic maps provided accurate, scale-correct images of the area, facilitating a thorough understanding of the topography. This data was essential for identifying problem areas and planning corrective actions to mitigate water accumulation during heavy rains.

Delivering Transformative Results

The District Collector of Ooty significantly benefited from Kesowa's drone-based survey. With detailed slope information, the authorities could develop effective strategies for water management and infrastructure improvement. The data provided a clear understanding of how water accumulated in specific areas and enabled the design of efficient drainage systems to prevent future issues.

By leveraging Kesowa's advanced drone technology, the District Collector could make informed decisions to enhance the race course's usability and safety. This project exemplifies how modern drone-based mapping solutions can address complex challenges in infrastructure management, delivering tangible benefits and improving overall operational efficiency.


Kesowa's innovative approach to data mapping using drone technology has proven instrumental in solving real-world challenges. Our collaboration with the District Collector of Ooty highlights our ability to provide precise, actionable insights through advanced surveying techniques. As we continue to innovate and expand our services, we remain committed to helping our clients achieve their goals with precision and efficiency, transforming infrastructure management one project at a time.

Special thanks to Mohan Raj sir of Hindustan Photo Films to make this possible. - Team Kesowa

About our Client

The District Collector of Ooty, Tamil Nadu, is a government official in charge of the district's administration and development. They oversee public services, maintain law and order, and implement government policies.

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