Resolving a Decades-Long Dispute: How Drone Surveys Can Help Clear the Air on Land Boundaries

6/26/20242 min read

brown wooden fence on green grass field
brown wooden fence on green grass field

Property line disputes can be a source of major frustration and expense. For a private Indian Oil Dealer in Budge Budge, West Bengal, a disagreement over a mouza map boundary had been a thorn in their side for over two decades. The lack of a clear and digitally available record of the land boundary was hindering the oil dealer's business operations and causing ongoing friction with a neighbour.

At Kesowa, we are a drone data mapping company that helps businesses unlock the power of aerial imaging. In the case of the private Indian Oil Dealer, we were tasked with conducting a drone survey of the property to create a high-resolution map that could be used to resolve the boundary dispute.

Resolution that is backed by Kesowa’s mouza map

The biggest challenge facing the Indian Oil Dealer was the lack of an accurate and up-to-date mouza map, a traditional Indian land ownership record. The only available map was a paper copy that was decades old and difficult to interpret. This lack of clear documentation made it difficult to determine the exact location of the property line.

Kesowa's drone-based surveying technology provided the Indian Oil Dealer with a fast and accurate solution to their boundary dispute. Our team of expert drone pilots captured high-resolution aerial images of the entire property. We then used these images to create a precise digital map of the site.

Deliverables: That answered every question

By superimposing the digitized mouza map onto the high-resolution drone map, Kesowa was able to provide the Indian Oil Dealer with a clear and accurate picture of the property line. This information was instrumental in helping the oil dealer to resolve their dispute with their neighbor. With the boundary issue settled, the oil dealer was finally able to move forward with their business operations.

Who Benefits?

Drone surveys can be a valuable tool for anyone who needs to resolve a property line dispute. This includes:

  • Landowners: Drone surveys can help landowners to determine the exact location of their property lines.

  • Businesses: Drone surveys can help businesses to avoid property line disputes that can disrupt their operations.

  • Government agencies: Drone surveys can help government agencies to resolve property line disputes between private landowners.

  • Law enforcement personnel: Mouza maps, depicting land ownership details, can aid law enforcement in locating specific addresses and identifying land ownership during investigations.

The Future of Drone Surveys for Property Line Dispute

The Kesowa case study for the private Indian Oil Dealer is a great example of how drone data mapping can be used to resolve property line disputes quickly and accurately. This technology offers a less expensive and time-consuming alternative to traditional land surveying methods. If you are facing a property line dispute, a drone survey from Kesowa may be the perfect solution.

Blog Post Written by Shwejal & Vidushi, Kesowa Summer Research Interns 2024

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