Shining a Light on Solar Panel Efficiency: Thermal Inspections with Drones

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6/26/20242 min read

white and blue solar panels
white and blue solar panels

Solar energy is a rapidly growing renewable energy source. However, solar panels can degrade over time, and this can reduce their efficiency. Regular inspections are essential to identify problems with solar panels early on. Traditional inspection methods can be time-consuming, expensive, and dangerous.

Here at Kesowa, we are using drones and advanced thermal imaging techniques to improve the efficiency of solar panel inspections. In this blog post, we’ll discuss a recent project we completed for the Newtown Kolkata Development Authority (NKDA).

Identifying Defects: The Challenge of Solar Panel Inspections

The NKDA needed to inspect a large solar panel installation on a canal in Newtown, Kolkata. They were concerned that some of the panels might be defective and not producing energy efficiently. Traditional inspection methods would have required workers to climb onto the roof of the building where the solar panels are installed. This can be dangerous and time-consuming.

The Kesowa Solution: Thermal Imaging with Drones

Kesowa used a drone equipped with a thermal imaging camera to inspect the solar panel installation. Thermal imaging cameras can detect variations in temperature. This can be used to identify defects in solar panels, such as hotspots. Hotspots are areas where the solar panel is not working properly and is overheating.

The drone captured high-resolution thermal images of the solar panel installation. These images were then analyzed by Kesowa’s team of experts. The experts were able to identify a number of hotspots in the solar panel installation.

Benefits Realized: Improved Efficiency and Cost Savings

The drone-based thermal inspection provided the NKDA with a quick, safe, and cost-effective way to inspect their solar panel installation. The inspection identified a number of defects in the solar panels that would have been difficult or impossible to identify using traditional methods. By repairing these defects, the NKDA will be able to improve the efficiency of their solar panel installation and save money on their energy bills.

Conclusion: Soaring to New Heights in Solar Panel Inspection

Drone-based thermal inspections are a valuable tool for solar panel maintenance. By using drones, solar panel owners can quickly and easily identify defects in their panels and take steps to correct them. This can help to improve the efficiency of solar panel installations and save money on energy costs.

About our Client

NKDA stands for New Town Kolkata Development Authority. It is responsible for planning and developing infrastructure in New Town, Kolkata.

If you are interested in learning more about how Kesowa can help you improve the efficiency of your solar panel installation, please contact us today.

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