Drone Data Insights at 2000 INR* to City Home Owners

Unlock the power of drone data for homes, cities, and development

*per month

First Time Home Owners - Are you making a Real Estate Purchase? Do you want insights on development works? Which amenities exist in the area? Which events are happening in your area? Is the Land Development under progress?


Amongst many things, You are also a Home Owner

A homeowner has certain expectations when it comes to his community, surroundings, city, and government.

Firstly, he desires a safe and secure community where he can feel protected and at ease. He hopes for friendly neighbors who foster a sense of belonging and unity.

Additionally, a homeowner expects well-maintained surroundings, with clean streets, parks, and green spaces that promote a healthy and peaceful environment.

In terms of the city, he desires efficient and reliable infrastructure, including good transportation systems, schools, and healthcare facilities.

Lastly, a homeowner expects a transparent and accountable government that listens to its citizens' needs and concerns, and works towards the betterment of the community. These expectations form the foundation for a harmonious and thriving living environment, where the homeowner can truly feel proud of his home.

Monthly Plot and Block Reports

Explore Periodically captured geotagged photos, videos, and detailed 3D maps captured by drones to make informed decisions.

Monthly High Resolution 3D Photorealistic Map Data of Your Home with AI Powered Insights on building structure, road in front, green area, backyard area or more

Data if you wish to develop your land, sell your property, obtain insurance, obtain additional finance and more

A detailed Block Report with details of the condition of the footpath, parks and green spaces, canals and water bodies, shops and restaurants active in the area.

Data for speaking to the local government, auditing public spend and improving city GIS data base

Predict the future by creating it

You didn’t come this far to stop.

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