Taking Flight: Using Drones to Assess Canal Conditions

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6/26/20242 min read

green grass field beside river under blue sky during daytime
green grass field beside river under blue sky during daytime

In the bustling city of Howrah, West Bengal, the Neelgunj Canal is a critical waterway that has seen years of neglect. Addressing the condition of such urban water bodies is crucial for environmental health and city planning. Kesowa, a leading drone data mapping company, was commissioned by the West Bengal Pollution Control Board to conduct a detailed survey of the Neelgunj Canal. This project aimed to understand the canal's current state to formulate strategies for its revitalization and beautification.

Understanding the Condition of Neelgunj Canal with Kesowa's Drone-Based Survey

The primary challenge was to comprehensively assess the canal's condition to facilitate informed decision-making. Traditional methods of surveying such areas are often time-consuming and lack the precision required for effective planning. Kesowa leveraged its advanced drone technology to conduct a high-resolution orthographic mapping of the canal.


Using state-of-the-art drones equipped with high-resolution cameras, Kesowa's team flew over the Neelgunj Canal, capturing detailed images and data. The orthographic maps generated from these flights provided a bird's-eye view of the canal, allowing for an accurate assessment of its physical condition. One of the key aspects of the survey was analyzing the color of the water, which can indicate the presence and characteristics of effluents.

Data Analysis

The collected data was processed to create comprehensive maps highlighting areas of concern, such as potential sources of pollution and sections requiring immediate intervention. The high-resolution imagery allowed for a detailed examination of the canal's banks and surrounding areas, identifying spots prone to erosion, sedimentation, and other issues impacting the water quality.

Beneficiaries and Impact

The detailed survey conducted by Kesowa provided the West Bengal Pollution Control Board with crucial insights into the Neelgunj Canal's condition. This information is instrumental in developing effective strategies for cleaning and revitalizing the canal, ultimately contributing to the environmental health of Howrah. The project also demonstrates the potential of drone technology in urban planning and environmental management, offering a scalable solution for similar challenges in other regions.

Kesowa's work not only supports the Pollution Control Board's efforts but also benefits the residents of Howrah by promoting a cleaner, healthier urban environment. Through precise data and innovative technology, Kesowa continues to set a benchmark in the field of drone-based surveys and environmental management.

About our Client

The West Bengal Pollution Control Board works to keep the environment clean in West Bengal. They monitor pollution and enforce laws to protect air, water, and land.

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