Taking Stock: How Drone Surveys Can Breathe New Life into Abandoned Properties

6/21/20242 min read

a run down building with graffiti on the side of it
a run down building with graffiti on the side of it

Imagine a sprawling factory complex, silent and shuttered. A factory, located in Khardaha, India, is such a place. The once-bustling center of silk production now sits idle, its future uncertain. But before this historic site can be revitalized, the current property owner, needs a clear understanding of its current condition.

This is where Kesowa comes in. We are a drone data mapping company that helps businesses unlock the power of aerial imaging. In the case of the The Factory Owner, we were tasked with providing a comprehensive drone survey of the closed factory premises to create a precise understanding of the property's "as-is" status.

When Old Drawings fail to show current record, the real-time data takes a front seat

The Factory Owner faces a common challenge for many companies that own abandoned or infrequently used properties. The original master plans for the site, which were created years ago, were outdated and inaccurate. This lack of current data makes it difficult to develop a plan for the property’s future use.

Traditionally, gathering this type of data would require sending surveyors onto the property, a time-consuming and expensive process. Additionally, traditional surveying methods may not be able to provide a comprehensive picture of large or complex properties.


Kesowa’s drone-based surveying technology offered The Factory Owner a much faster and more cost-effective solution. Our team of expert drone pilots captured high-resolution images of the entire property, including the factory buildings, surrounding land, and any other relevant features.

From the drone-captured imagery, we were able to create a precise orthomosaic map and a digital elevation model (DEM) of the site. By combining the orthomosaic map, DEM, and the original AutoCAD drawings, Kesowa was able to provide The Factory Owner with a complete and up-to-date picture of the property’s current condition. This data proved to be invaluable for the company as they move forward with developing a plan for the site.

Blog post written by Shwejal & Vidushi, Kesowa Summer Research Interns 2024

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