ARU Cloud and Drone Data to help manage airspace and more.

airplanes window view of sky during golden hour
airplanes window view of sky during golden hour
Airspace Management

ARU Cloud can be used for Permissions Management, keeping detailed drone flight plans and topographical data that assists in planning and authorizing drone missions. Can help airports issue NOTAM effectively and communicate blocked airspace to specific key stakeholders.

New Infrastructure Authorization nearby Airports and for eVTOL

Drone Data can be digitally uploaded by Interested Developers of High Rise Buildings and eVTOL on ARU Cloud for swift feedback and smooth approval by stakeholders.

Aviation Infrastructure Digital Twins

Drones can provide digital twin data of Aviation Infrastructure and nearby surroundings to help regulators, aviation infrastructure managers and developers be aware.

Who stands to benefit?

”With drone data maps, my airport goes from guesswork to groundwork, making every decision a smooth take-off.”

- Airport Manager

”Drone data, mapped and analysed, turns our blueprints into fast-tracked flight plans with regulators.”

- Airport Infrastructure Developer

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