Tourism & Archeology

Drone based surveillance and mapping to identify as built environment features for monitoring, planning, maintenance and audit by stakeholders.

aerial photography of person sitting on rocks near waterfalls
aerial photography of person sitting on rocks near waterfalls
Trek Route Identification & Study

Help study existing trek routes undertaken, plan facility development, safety barricades and more.

Archeological Preservation

Access and map remote or difficult-to-reach archaeological sites, providing researchers with valuable data that might be otherwise unattainable.

Effective Tourist Site Access Planning

Provides detailed and accurate maps of tourist sites, helping managers and planners optimize space, improve visitor movement, and enhance safety measures.

Who stands to benefit?

”Drone data maps empower me to see tourism sites like never before, optimizing resources and crafting data-driven plans for unforgettable visitor experiences.”

- Tourism Manager

”Drone data maps transform my dig - high-resolution views guide every step, uncovering potential finds and streamlining resource use.”

- Archaeological Researcher

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