Urban & Rural Planning

Routine Drone based surveillance and mapping to identify as built environment features for monitoring, planning, maintenance and audit by stakeholders.

Land Record Digitization

The Software creates up-to-date aerial imagery and 3D models, facilitating accurate boundary demarcations, reducing disputes, and ensuring efficient land management.

Enabling Real Estate Monetization

Drone provides accurate, high-resolution imagery and topographical data, enabling better property assessment, marketing, planning, and development decisions.

Surveillance and 3D Mapping of Urban Cities to Identify Actionable Insights

Drone Data gives detailed insights for infrastructure planning, traffic management, security monitoring, and identifying areas needing maintenance or development.

Use Cases

brown winged insect photograph
brown winged insect photograph
City Governance

Identification of Potential Dengue Mosquito Breeding Grounds.

maps lying on the floor
maps lying on the floor
Land Record Management

Digitization of Mouza Map with the help of Drone based Aerial Maps.

Strategies on City Building

Drone Data Call Center for City of Newtown Kolkata.

Who stands to benefit?

”With drone data maps, I can see every inch of my district, from hidden streams to forgotten footpaths, making rural development plans truly grounded."

- Rural Development Officer

”Drone data maps our city in stunning 3D, fueling data-driven decisions for smarter urban design.”

- Urban Planner

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