Pollution and Greenery Monitoring

Routine Drone based surveillance and mapping to identify as built environment features for monitoring, planning, maintenance and audit by stakeholders.

Forest and Green Space Management

Detect illegal logging activities, and plan reforestation efforts. It aids in maintaining biodiversity and improving urban planning for green spaces.

Disaster Response and Recovery

Speeds up recovery processes and ensures that efforts are targeted effectively to restore greenery and reduce pollution impacts.

Environmental Monitoring and Pollution Detection

Identifying pollution hotspots and sources, enabling timely interventions and regulatory actions to mitigate environmental damage.

Use Cases

Park Management

Tree Count of Horticultural Park at Alipore post Cyclone Amphan.

green grass field beside river under blue sky during daytime
green grass field beside river under blue sky during daytime
Canal Status

Drone Based Survey of Neelgunj Canal for Understanding Actual Condition.

City Governance

Volumetric Assessment of Waste at Municipal Dumpsite and Legacy Landfill Site

Air Quality Monitoring

Air Quality Monitoring by Drones powered by Air Quality Sensor from Biomimicry Technologies Private Limited, a Delhi based company.

smoke comes out from industrial factory chimney
smoke comes out from industrial factory chimney
Drone equipped with Air Quality Sensor

West Bengal Pollution Control Board under the leadership of Chairman and Member Secretary selected Biomimicry Technologies to deliver a technical solution to the problem statement.

Brick Kiln Emissions Audit

Kesowa is proud to operate these 3rd Party Drones and provide data and report to stakeholders as instructed.

Industry Air Quality Audit

The challenges faced on air quality warranted a novel application - how can air quality at the chimney stack be checked randomly?

Who stands to benefit?

”Drone data maps my city's green health, revealing pollution hotspots for targeted action.”

- Environmental Scientist

”Drone data maps vegetation cover and pinpoints pollution, making urban greenery and pollution management a data-driven breeze.”

- Urban Planner

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