Banking and Finance

Routine Drone based surveillance and mapping to identify as built environment features for monitoring, planning, maintenance and audit by stakeholders.

Agricultural Loan Assessments

Ensure that agricultural lands are being used as intended and comply with loan agreements. They can detect unauthorized land use or changes that might affect loan terms.

Disaster Response and Management

Information helps banks expedite insurance claims, adjust loan terms, and plan recovery efforts.

Enhanced Property Valuation and Risk Assessment

Detailed topographical data of properties, providing banks with precise and up-to-date information for property valuations.

Use Cases

aerial view of city during daytime
aerial view of city during daytime
Revenue Enhancement Strategy

Drone Based Inventorisation of 85 Properties along with formation of Revenue Enhancement Strategy.

Who stands to benefit?

”Drone-based data mapping offers a strategic aerial view, empowering us to gather branch-level insights and optimize banking operations across our entire network.”

-  CIO : Banking Institutions

”Drone data mapping empowers us with precise property details, expediting valuations and optimizing decision-making for the financial institution.”

- Head - Real Estate Valuation

Case Study

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