Surveillance and Mapping Simplified

Customizable Reports

Generation of detailed, customized reports tailored to specific needs.

Imagine a GIS Meal Course. Preview our menu wonders, spotlighting dishes that promise an unforgettable dining journey.

Historical Data Analysis

Study of Repetitive Past Datasets of the same geographic area and analysis of Raster Layers.

Anomaly Detection

Automatic detection and reporting of anomalies or changes in data by marking in Vector Layers.

High Resolution Imagery

Access High Resolution Photos, 4K Geo-tagged Videos and 360 Panoramic Views

Orthographic Imagery (2 Cm)

Creation of detailed, accurate and high-resolution orthographic maps, DTMs, DSMs and Contour.

Thermal Inspections

Provide a short description of the dish and its ingredients.

Photorealistic 3D Data

Kesowa provides 3D Photorealistic Map Tile Data Capture, Processing and Analysis Services to Individual Land Owners, Large Facilities, Villages, Towns and Cities.


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