ARU Cloud

Cloud Software to collaborate, manage workflow, visualize - satellite and drone data such as maps, geotagged photos and videos smoothly. Suitable for 1 to 10 Users.

3D Map Tile Data

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Product Features Snapshot

ARU Online offers a wide range of features to effectively manage user data, mission data, photos, videos, and maps.

User Authentication & Security

User & Permissions Management

Mission Management

Data Viewer - RGB Photos, 4K Videos, Thermal Viewer

Data Management & Visualization supporting 3D map file support, large layer file support (100 GB) without performance degradation

Public Map Feature with Vector Layer Map Search

Asset & Operational Management

Supports KML, KMZ, LAS Files; Geotagged Photos & Videos by Multiple Drones

*India Cloud hosted on MEITY Empaneled Cloud Service Provider meeting GOI Requirements

Product Screenshots

ARU Cloud - Admin Panel Screenshots to give a glimpse.

ARU Product Features

Flight Planning
> Fly and No Fly Zones
> Weather
> Associated Risks
> Airport Funnel and Safety Zone
Digital Logbook
> Repository of all Requests
> Flight Log Management
> User Access Roles
> Track Multiple Drones at Once Live
Data Streaming
> Streaming of Data from Field to HQ
> Pic2Map - Click on field and know where on map with time stamp
Share and Collaborate on a Universal GIS Tool
> Sync Drone maps, Autocad Files, KMZ, Markers +
> See and Act on the Web - No Minimum PC Requirements
> Integrate with your existing GIS as well as external GIS like Google Maps, Open Maps or other
AI Triggered Alerts
While the pilot is flying on the field,
AI can identify and alert management users with infraction, image of infraction and location of infraction in near real time.

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